Guys spend so much time trying to pick-up girls, and no doubt are horrible at it.  In fact, many of you ladies would probably label them as clueless.  So, we're here to help.Great example was a hysterical moment from the "Neighbors" movie last night.  Mac's (Seth Rogen) friend Jimmy talks about the various dating sites, and how there's one that'll buzz your phone when someone "feeling frisky" is nearby, but he hasn't found any girls on the site, yet...  Had me rolling in hysterics, as it's a great example of the "clueless" way guys looking at dating and "hooking up".  So here's the help.

A recent survey listed the top dating turn-offs for women, as provided below.  Next time your setting up a date with a guy you're interested in, you might want to share this list with him, and hopefully save yourself a little grief.

1.  Body odor.
2.  Having no chemistry.
3.  Looking at other women.
4.  Being rude to a bartender or a waiter.
5.  Coming across like you're not interested.
6.  Hogging the conversation.
7.  Talking about your ex.
8.  Awkward silences.
9.  Texting during the date.
10.  Coming across as needy.

So what's missing from the list ladies?