The Insane Inflatable 5K is our 2-day fun run custom made for you and your friends. No matter your running/fitness skill level, this is the event for you. Get your team or solo effort on the books and join us June 20-21 at Kirkwood Community College.

Insane Inflatable is a 5K like you've never seen. Eastern Iowa 5Ks pop up all over the place. We will pop up a bunch of the coolest, most challenging inflatables you've ever seen. The others will ALWAYS pale in comparison after you traverse this course with us.

Here's my Top Ten list of reasons why you should run with us at II5K:

10] Summer officially starts the weekend of June 20 and we need to greet the hottest season with some hot laps in and around inflatables. These official season starts always feel a month late, don't they?

9] You're a Hawkeye Homeboy/girl. You know all about hydrating in the summer heat. Impress your friends with some designer hydration and keen ability to dodge gnats.

8] You were on a stationary bike all winter and you want to get off your butt and into some slides, jumps and obstacles.

7] Your team members have created a custom final time challenge that will push you to the limit. You will end up absolutely destroying your pals and their fragile psyche.

6] You minored in Insanity in college.

5] Big Balls. Tougher than it looks!


4] The II5K is sans Downtown Cedar Rapids train-dodging.

3] Beer tastes better post-race than pre-race. O.K. Let's be honest. It tastes better on either side of the Insane Inflatable 5K. Might slow you down on the front-side, though. Unless of course you are filled with RAGBRAI-style booze-fueled bragaadociousness.

2] Sweatin' to KRNA/i-107/KDAT/KHAK on your Radio Pup mobile app is more fun than Sweatin' To The Oldies.

1] Every other 5K in this area will be a letdown and forever labeled lame once you run ours.