When a beer fest happens, like the upcoming Cedar Rapids Beer Summit, there's a ton of excitement, as beer lovers from all over flock to the event to sample craft brews from all over the nation. Maybe you're excited. But how do you know if you just like beer, or are "Crazy about Craft"? Check this list. How many apply to you?


  • 1

    Pairing Beer With Your Meal In A Neccesity

    Some people think food pairing is only for wine. But not you. When it comes to meal time, not just any old beer will do. You know exactly the right beer for the right compliment to your appetizer, main course, and even dessert.

  • 2

    Your Beer Has No Commercials

    While everyone talks about that one with the horses and the dog, that smooth older guy, or how nice it looks to chill on a beach, when it comes to your beer, there are no commercials. That's because your brewer of choice puts all their money into making a quality brew, not just a mass production.

  • 3

    Chugging Is For Frat Boys

    If you've been accused of drinking your beer too slowly, you might just be a craft brew lover, because for you, why would you "down" something with that much flavor and taste. Your beer has been made to be savored and enjoyed, not just drank.

  • 4

    You Can't Even Taste "Normal" Beer

    When someone hands you a "traditional" beer, you almost can't even stomach it. For you, there's not flavor or taste to it.They might as well give you water. It's the same reason why you're selective as to what bar you're willing to hang out at, and why you'll never show up empty handed to a party.

  • 5

    You Like Beer More Than People

    People come and go, but a good beer has never let you down. Ever. It's always there for you. Unlike some relationships you've been in.

  • 6

    You're A Beer Know It All

    When describing beer. dark and smooth are sooo general to you. Seriously, how many others can have a series conversation about the flocculation? (The clumping of the brewing yeast, duh.) And how many know the difference between and ale and lager? You do.

  • 7

    Every Beer Tells A Story

    When you love your beer as much as you do, the world should know every detail about it, sip by sip. The flavor, sip, the aroma, sip, the origin, sip. Why just drink a beer when you can tell it's story, and why it's so good?

  • 9

    You've Lost Count Of How Many You've Tried

    No, this has nothing to do with how drunk you are. (Okay, maybe a little bit.) It has more to do with your mission to try something new every week, whether it's a new brewery or a new line from a favorite brewery. You always plan to keep track, but alas, there so many good options, it's just too tough to keep up. That's also why you sampling events like Cedar Rapids Beer Summit.

  • 10

    Every Taste Produces Education For Your Own Brew

    The only thing you love more than drinking craft beer is making your own. Every time you try a new beer, all you can think about is if that taste, aroma, and color is worth creating, and how to recreate it, then improve it. Each drink is simply more education.