It's hard to believe it has already been 20 years. This evening is the 20th Anniversary of the "O.J. Chase," as police in California pursued O.J. Simpson and Al Cowlings in Cowlings' white Ford Bronco along I-405 in Los Angeles. It wasn't much of a chase as the vehicle Simpson and Cowlings were travelling in was going only around 35 mph most of the time.

Three days earlier, Simpson's former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ronald Goldman had been found dead outsider her home.

The chase was gripping television and it seemed everyone was watching. I was watching too, in the studio, and giving updates as the chase went on. It eventually ended with Simpson's arrest on double-murder charges. The actual chase lasted only about an hour, but seemed much longer.

It was only the beginning of the feeding frenzy that would follow the events leading up to and then the trial itself (verdict below).  I remember all of our staff being huddled around the television when the verdicts were read in October of '95.  There were a few who agreed with the jury verdict(s) in our office that day.  I, personally, still believe the jury got it wrong.