There may be some truth to the stereotype that women love to shop! According to a new survey, 1 in 4 women admit to having a shopping addiction, and 1/3 are happiest when they're doing some retail therapy.

45% of the 2,000 women surveyed say they get a rush of excitement when they buy new clothes, shoes, or accessories. And if you've ever seen something online or in a store that you just CAN'T stop thinking about, you're not alone! Over half of the women surveyed said they've done that, and 17% even admitted to DREAMING about the item!

If all of this sounds a little crazy, then you are obviously not a shopping addict. I actually AM a shopping addict, and I can tell you that ALL of these things are true for me. I even have apps for certain stores on my phone, and I look at all the new arrivals almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. No wonder my bank account is so sad :)

Daily Mail also came up with a list of shopping rules, let's see if you agree with some of these:

  1. If it's replacing something I have worn out, I should buy it.
  2. If the price is less than I thought it would be, I should buy it.
  3. If I still want it after a week, I should get it.
  4. If it goes down in price, I should get it.

See the full list and more shopping stats HERE.