Did you know that the city where you live is actually the hometown of a few quite famous people? We knew a couple, but it wasn't until we started really digging in that we realized that some really famous folks call Cedar Rapids their hometown. Check out our list below and let us know if we missed anyone!

As an aside – where the ladies at? We couldn't find any famous women from Cedar Rapids – do you know of any?

Ashton Kutcher

Brian Ach, Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher is a noted actor who starred in such masterpieces as ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ (as well as many, many other films). But before all of that, Kutcher was pumping out Lucky Charms at  the General Mills Plant in Cedar Rapids.. He actually grew up in Homestead, about 22 miles south of Cedar Rapids.

Elijah Wood

Chelsea Lauren, Getty Images

Not only is Elijah Wood from Cedar Rapids, BUT he also co-starred in a play with Gregg's wife, at the tender age of five. His family moved away from Cedar Rapids not long after that (it's no Rivendell, after all) but the Wood-Cedar Rapids connection remains.

Grant Wood

Don't know who Grant Wood is? Yes, you do. He's the creator of the famous painting 'American Gothic,' as well as many others picturing pastoral American life. Wood was born in Anamosa, 25 miles northeast of Cedar Rapids, and had his childhood home here. He had a studio in Cedar Rapids where he worked for ten years; the studio is open for tours, too. He taught painting at the University of Iowa and died in Iowa City in 1942.

Kurt Warner

Brian Bahr, Getty Images

Warner was born in Burlington, IA, more than a hundred miles south of Cedar Rapids, and went to Cedar Rapids Regis for high school. We're told he spent those tender years bagging groceries at the local Hy-Vee. Of course, he used the hand-eye coordination he developed at the checkout line as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the St. Louis Rams. After the floods of 2008, Warner was very public in his effort to help its victims.

Ron Livingston


This is another guy you totally know, even if you think you don’t know him. Look hard. Have you seen Office Space? He was the main character, Peter Gibbons. How about Sex and the City? He was Jack Berger, the screwed-up boyfriend of Carrie Bradshaw. Livingston was born in Cedar Rapids and grew up in Marion, six miles away. Check out this video of him talking about Theatre Cedar Rapids.