Apparently, we are some dirty people! According to a new study, there are some things that we are just NOT cleaning enough. Here's the list:

  1. Phones -  A recent study found 7,000 different types of bacteria on them, because you're touching them up to 150 times a DAY. You should be wiping yours down every day.
  2. Sheets - The millions of dead skin cells that end up in the fabric attract dust mites, so you should be washing them once a week.
  3. Pillows - You should be washing them every three months, not just the pillow cases!
  4. Bras - You're supposed to hand-wash them every 2 or 3 wears, because they come in contact with lots of sweat.
  5. Kitchen Towels - They should only be used ONE time before washing them. In a study, 25% of towels were found to have E. Coli on them.
  6. Purses - You should be wiping down the outside and inside with antibacterial wipes once a week.
For the full atricle, click HERE.