If there's a body part of yours that you wish you could change, you are definitely not alone! A new survey found that 90% of women 18-24 and 85% of woman over 55 are unhappy with at least one part of their body.

The number one body part that women are unhappy with spans across ALL races, ages, and ethnicities, and that's the stomach or midsection. 65% of women agree that the stomach is their worst body part. Second place goes to thighs/legs, followed by butt and then skin.

Many women won't do anything to change those things they don't like, though. 57% of ladies say they've never tried products or spas or dermatologists to fix those body parts they don't like. But, 20% of them ARE actively planning to get plastic surgery.

I don't think I'd ever get plastic surgery, but there are parts of my body I don't like (namely my stomach and thighs). That's why I've been eating healthier and going to the gym! I'm trying to do it the natural way :)