Tonight is the big one.  With a Powerball jackpot at a record high now up to $1.5 BILLION, Powerball fever has hit a new high.  In fact, there's word that not just Americans are acting on the Powerball excitement.  We hear all these different ways to spend or not to spend the money, but first, you have to win.  Did you know there's apparently a near guaranteed way to win?  It's true. It's just going to take a lot of friends, and just a little bit of money.

The idea would be to buy one ticket for every single combination of numbers.  That's apparently about 292 million combinations. And, at $2 a ticket, that's cost of $584 million.  However, being guaranteed a win, that's still a huge profit.  Even after taxes if you took the lump sum, you'd still profit by at least about $100 million.  However, spending that much on gambling is apparently tax-deductible as well, meaning you'd just about wipe out your taxes on the win, surging your winnings back up.  So grab your friends together, pull your money together, and go!  But hurry, as time is running out!

Still reading? Yeah, that's because you know there's a catch. Unless you have a couple million friends, there's not even close to enough time.  Think of the amount of time it would take to print off all those tickets, especially since they are all specific numbers and not just quick-picks.  There's just not enough time.

The other catch, there's almost guaranteed to be other winners.  If just one other person matches the winning combo, you will be lucky to break even. If there's two other winners, you're out a whole lot of money.

So while the theory might not work so well, it is fun to dream though. That's the one thing we've discovered from all this Powerball craziness.  If you do have your ticket, good luck! Just play responsibly.