I was a fun family night at the ballpark.  We're all enjoying the game, and my daughter strikes up a conversation with an older couple. Then he does the nicest thing, and gives her an autographed ball.  But what happens next has left me a little confused. Just a few minutes later, my daughter, as kids do, drops the ball.  And it rolls away, right down the rows.  And then the strangest thing happens: the ball disappears.  It just vanished.  It was the craziest thing.  There wasn't a ton of people in front of us, so it just didn't make sense.  We went up and down the rows, with everyone asking us what we were looking for, but nobody knew where it went, or had any clue.  So we gave up.

About 10 minutes later, my daughter saw something that broke her heart.  A few rows up, this girl, who told us she hadn't seen the ball, whispered something to her mom, then stuffed a ball in a bag.  And my daughter saw the whole thing.  It seemed fairly obvious what ball it was, as no other fouls had come our way.  But who was I to question.  In true fatherly form, it became an issue of you win some, you lose some, and we'll never know.  If it's true, it stinks, but of some sense, it's a case of finders keepers, unfortunately.  It was a tough pill to swallow, but there was no other outcome, as horrible and disturbing as it was.  She brushed it off, but I can tell, it hurt.

What would you have done it that situation?

P.S. -  Here's where it gets really strange.  The mom and daughter left.  They enjoyed the game, we enjoyed the game, and we stayed for about another 30 min or so.  To make matters worse, my son ended up with a foul ball. I can tell my daughter was hurting. But it was time to go.  And as we exited the gate, I saw the mom and daughter there, and I swear I saw the ball.  Long story short, they advanced, paused, and then advanced again somehow getting my daughter's attention.  And then... they gave her the ball.

What just happened?  Somewhere in there, everyone involved learned some valuable lessons.  I was content with the outcome, now confused, although content again.  After all, it was just a meaningless baseball.