While I love what I do, I admit there's some nights I can't wait to get home, plop on the couch, grab the remote, and zone out to what's on the tube.  Tonight is different, as I've been waiting 4 years for this!  Jack is Back, as 24 returns to Fox! For me, binge watching didn't start with Netflix or Hulu, but with this one little show starting Keifer Sutherland back in November 2001, where a simple ticking sound...

left me saying forget the tube, I'll wait till the DVD season release, then stay in bed literally all day and watch all episodes back, to back, to back... as the suspense would be too much of a killer to wait a full week for.  (Yup, literally did that... I think for Season 2)

24 was simply like nothing else on TV.  My wife, who isn't much of a action fan, was even hooked (although it might have something to do with her finding Keifer's voice incredibly sexy...)

So here's the deal: Jack has been off "the grid" four years, and is now back to save the father of his once loved Audrey, who is now President.

(need a GIF loaded recap?)

YES, I'm worried the hype will disappoint.  First off, this will be the traditional story of 24 hours, but told in just 12 episodes, so things will be rushed/skipped.  This might be okay though, as usually the first 12 hours had Jack chasing, then catching one villain, to then spend the rest of the season catching the bigger mastermind after identifying the traitor.  Which brings up the second concern: while the show is addicting...

it did become extremely predictable, as the story line was pretty much the same each of the 8 seasons, and the magic of the first season faded.

All that being said, I'm still totally ready!  Is Keifer extcited?