One cup has set the world on fire, and caused Donald Trump to suggest a boycott. One simple cup, designed to safely hold your favorite hot beverage, keeping it from burning you while you enjoy every last sip. The controversy isn't over the cup's failure to do that. It's because the cup in now red, and only red.  Yes, thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands are furious that the cup is red, AND void of any signs of Christmas. Huh? It is a cup, right?

Problem is, to many, it's not just any cup.  It's their sacred Starbucks cup. Year after year, at about this time, Starbucks debuts a holiday theme on the cup. Since this year's cup is void of any of that, it must mean Starbucks has declared a war on Christmas!  That's the only rational thing to think, of course. After all, red is certainly NOT a Christmas color...  I thought a red cup is a good thing, signifying it's time to party (according to country music).

If you are finding you need the Christmas Spirit, since Starbucks isn't helping you, click here for the Christmas channel on, for 24/7 Christmas Music, commercial free.