Each week, we'll be giving you two new songs that we believe have the potential to be great, but it really all comes down to what you, our biggest fan, have to say about them. Easy enough, right?

For this week, it's the battle of the DJs, as we give you the new track from Alan Walker, "Faded", as well as the new one from Chainsmokers feat. Daya, "Don't Let me Down".

All artists need somebody to take a chance on them, and that's exactly what we are doing with Alan Walker, which might explain why you don't recognize the name. The eighteen-year-old from Norway has been moving up the U.S. and Shazam charts for quite a while now. And who doesn't love a new face in the music industry? Another name you might not recognize will be the vocalist on the track, Iselin Solheim. Great voice, don't you think? We've decided to take a risk on this track, and we are curious to hear what you guys have to say. Do you think we made a mistake? Or are you digging this new Artist?

For the second song, we have the new one from, Chainsmokers feat. Daya with "Don't let me Down". Yes, those Chainsmokers who gave us the hit, "#Selfie", then thankfully redeemed themselves with their latest single, "Roses" feat. Rozes. For this track, they teamed with another hot artist, Daya, the teen who brought us "Hide Away". We think they made a smart decision teaming up for the new track, but what really matters is what you the fans have to say. So what do you guys think? Do you think you will be catching yourself saying, "Don't Let me Down"?

Check these out and vote below.