Was jamming out to Aloe Blacc's The Man in studio when something dawned on me... I know that voice.  No, I'm not talking about his vocal's on Avicii's Wake Me Up. My Aloe Blacc experience goes back further, and I didn't even realize it.


Gotta go back four years, before anyone really knew Aloe.  I was negotiating my cable bill (as they had raised again), when they suddenly offered me the same channels, plus HBO for a year, at a lower rate.  (Still confused how it worked out, and another reason why you should always negotiate your cable rate... but that's for another story).   So now I got to get caught up on movies, and check out some of the hottest show on TV.  Sopranos was in full swing, and I was way behind, so I checked out a new series coming called How to Make It In America. Not sure what it was about that show, the attractive, witty Lake Bell, the unassuming but talented Brian Greenberg... no clue, but I was hooked.   So where does Aloe Blacc come in?  The show's theme song was Blacc's I Need a Dollar.

Not sure if it was my binge watching of the show, or just the style/brilliance of the song, but it was stuck in my head, although I never really discovered Aloe, just the song.  Added bonus of the show btw... it helped me discover Kid Cudi, who was a supporting actor.

Funny thing, when Macklemore's Thrift Shop hit, I could've sworn Wanz chorus was a sample from that theme.  Totally wrong, but I grabbed another glimpse at Aloe, and now the name stuck.  And it was only time till the world got hooked on Mr. Blacc.

Guess what I'm getting at is keep your ears always open for new music.  It's everywhere.  Never know when your favorite theme song might just launch another major artist!

BTW, How to Make it in America never caught it's stride and the second season was long delayed, and eventually cancelled.  But if you get the chance, you should check it out.  Rumor was it might eventually come back elsewhere, but that was over a year ago.