If you have a daughter, you've probably heard of American Girl Dolls.  Make that, daughter, niece, granddaughter... you get the idea.  With an 8 year old daughter at home, I'm with you.  Thanks to the CR Ice Arena, this weekend has just become the most important weekend to her!If you haven't heard by now, the Ice Arena is hosting a "Skate with Saige" Event on Saturday.  If you don't know who Saige is, well duh, she's last year's American Girl Doll of the Year.  So Saturday, your little girl brings her doll to the Ice Arena for a skate lesson, a hair and nail boutique, and snacks.  It's like heading to the closest American Girl Doll store, just with ice skating vs. shopping.  Having recently gone to one of those stores... I'd take this event any day.  Then again, I'm a guy.

Oh, forgot to mention.  Someone will also win the Saige doll.  Now that's pretty sweet too!