Did you see what happened on Idol this week? (Probably not, cause so few still watch). It was enough to confirm the ship has sailed and they need to cancel it.

Like so many others, I gave up on American Idol seasons ago.  I was excited for Harry Connick Jr. to be a judge, but between growing interest in The Voice, less time in my schedule, and lackluster contestants who would go on to realtively no career post show, I just wasn't interested.  I have no clue who even won last year, or who this year's contestants are, or at what stage they're at in the show.

Well apparently, it was 80's week this week, and they still bring in the guest performers.  You would think there'd be a ton of 80's stars to choose from, but apparently no one answered the phone, as the guests this week were Boy George and...  David Hasselhoff.

Wait, what?

Yup, the "Hoff" performed a 2 min medley of his favorite 80's hits, which have all been done 500% better at karaoke nights across the country every night.  It was just awful, and confirmation that the show is done.  Time to hang it up, like they should have done shortly after Simon left (although then we might not have Phillip Phillips).  It's just sad to see what a show responsible for Phillips, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, and a few others has become.  It was a show created on helping young talent achieve their hopes and dreams.  And now, it's just a cheesy reminder on what happens when you enjoy too much fame and success.