You may have watched American Pickers for the past five years, as two LeClaire guys travel the country looking for amazing treasures. Now, as they launch their 8th season, the guys will be spending some time not only in their home state, but in our area, looking for your treasures. In a memo from the Executive Director of the Amana Colonies, we've learned that Mike and Frank will be filming in the colonies this month, and are looking for great leads. According to the memo, some of the items they specifically look for include vintage bikes, toys, unusual radios, movie memorabilia, advertising, military items, folk art, vintage musical equipment, vintage automotive items, early firefighting equipment, vintage clothing, and pre '50s western gear.  Of course those who have the items should be interesting enough themselves too.  After all, we are talking TV.

So here's your chance for 15 minutes of fame, while getting some of your antiques looked at. If you have stuff you'd like them to see, or want to refer them, you can email your info, including name, number, address and description of the collection and photos to