When it comes to New Year's Eve celebrations, the words extravagant, outrageous, and expensive are often commonplace.  And one company put that to the test this year, leaving us to wonder if you can have too much New Year's Eve.

The company is Private Jet, and according to a blog on their site, they were offering a deal where, thanks to the International date line, you'd be able to experience the spectacle of New Year's Eve, TWICE! You'd start the party at 8pm in Sydney, Australia, enjoying the amazing spectacle that one of the first big cities on the globe throws for the new year.  (If you've ever watched their display on TV, it's quite impressive.) Then, after partying till 2AM, you hop on a private jet and fly the 7.5 hours to Honolulu, touching down right about lunch time.  You'd get some beach time to rest up, then it's back to party hard.

Of course, it'd only set  you back about $11,000 a person, based on a party of 18!!

Would you do it?  You have to admit it'd be pretty amazing, and definitely a once in a lifetime experience, with all your friends.  While it's too late for 2015, I'm sure they'd be willing to book for 2016, so you might want to start saving up.

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