The chemical that was introduced into the Anamosa water supply was determined to be safe at the levels that were put into the system.

Viking Chemical Company apparently had mislabeled a product and the chemical inadvertently put into the water was triethanolamine. A toxicologist for Viking and the manufacturer of the chemical both said it was not a hazard because such a small amount had been put into the water supply. Triethanolamine is used in the drug and cosmetic industries.

Earlier Monday, the 5,500+ residents of the eastern Iowa community had been advised not to consume the city's water.

[Below is from original Monday morning story]
According to KCRG, Anamosa City Administrator Alan Johnson says a chemical container was mislabeled, resulting in the wrong chemicals getting put into the water system earlier today. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is running tests to make sure the water is safe. Until then, residents should not drink it.

The Iowa DNR says the water is safe for residents to use for washing clothes, but should not be used for drinking or cooking until the safety of the water is confirmed.

[via KCRG]