And this time the culprit could get jail time.

Well, this story sounds familiar! A couple of weeks ago, somebody put some soap/detergent in the fountain on 1st Ave in front of Red Robin, and it caused a bit of a soapy mess. Just a few weeks later, it has happened again, this time on the northeast side of town at the Fountains Boulevard Clock Tower. It happened right by the M.A.C. gym near Edgewood Road, and it was noticed by someone who was getting ready for a workout.

Officials were able to turn off the fountain shortly after, but not without a big mess on their hands. This is actually the 4th time this has happened to this particular fountain since it was put in, but there is apparently a security camera nearby. A manager of the property had it installed last year, and he hopes it will help them catch the person/people responsible. KCRG wrote, "Police said if the owners press charges, its criminal mischief. At minimum in Iowa, that could be up to 30 days in jail and a fine." The footage will reportedly be reviewed sometime today.

Nobody has been arrested in either soapy incident so far, and nobody knows if these acts are being done by the same person/people. It is possible that we have a "serial soaper" on our hands (which is what KCRG called them and it made me laugh).

Do you think the culprit(s) deserve possible jail time over this? Or do you think it's just a harmless prank? Let us know in the comments!