All month long it's your chance to win cash on i107-1 with the "Holiday Payday".  And not just chump change, but big money.  $1000!!!  Just ask Andrew of Cedar Rapids, our latest $1000 winner. Andrew was watching TV, and heard the cue to call in on the radio in the background.  He figured "what the heck" and dialed into the contest line (877-854-WINS).  He beat the odds, was caller 25, and is now $1000 richer!

Talking with Andrew, well, he was kinda speechless.  He said we just wouldn't be able to understand how much this means to he and his wife, and that it came at the perfect time, claiming this won't sweeten his Christmas, but MAKE his Christmas.  Apparently, his wife even cried a few tears of happiness. Andrew, feeling lucky of course, has now also gone to the link below to get registered to win the $10,000 grand prize, which will be given away at the end of the month.

You too can be a winner.  Be listening all day, every weekday in November for that cue to call in.  It'll play twice a day.  When you hear it, be the 25th caller, and you win.  And don't forget to head to the website and enter to win the $10,000.  You can get multiple entries on that as well.  Good luck!