Check out this lead photo at Stay clean, Stone! Allen likes to refer to his music style as "hippie with soul."  Forget the "image" - We can't wait to hear him jam with his band at New Bo Music Festival Saturday August 8.

I am like alot of people around the world who've just recently discovered Stone. He just signed on to Capitol Records. I've talked to some people there and they are super excited to have him on the label.

You'll tell your grandkids you saw this guy just as his star was rising nationally. Stone is known for great acoustic covers like this Marley jam.

...and this cover of Marcy Playground.

"Hey, Mom: Me at the guys are coming over to jam in your living room."

Allen's new record comes out May 26. "Radius" will feature this lead single. Can't wait to see the video. Maybe a shoot from a bathtub in the woods with chirping birds?