Another Cedar Rapids Titans game at the US Cellular Center last night meant another round of the Collins Community Credit Union Scholarship Scramble.  This time would see a first time school, Benton, competing against a former champion, Solon. The contestants, however, were both new to the competition.

One of my favorite things about the Scholarship Scramble is that we give every High School student in the area a chance to compete to win money for college.  It doesn't matter if it a guy or girl, if they play football or not.  And that was the case last night.  Both students were new to the competition.  One was a cross country runner.  The other played football, but not a normal throwing position.  Both were seniors with no ambition to continue sporting careers.  But both gave the same reason to join the competition: college is expensive, and any scholarship money helps.

So the playing field was level going in.  And both contestants had a built in cheering section, as the Solon choir sang the National Anthem (beautifully btw), and the Benton Dance team performed during halftime right before us.  We also heard the Benton coach and other members of the football team were in the stands.


Up first was Preston from Solon.  He got off to a good start, hitting his first target, but then missed his next two.  However, he recovered by hitting not only his 4th, but also the 5th and furthest target, giving him a final score of 6 in 28 seconds.


Jeremy from Benton was up next.  He got off to a shaky start missing his first target.  However, he made it up with the next few targets.  Although he ended up about 2 seconds faster, he missed the final shot, thus ending his run in this year's challenge.

And there you go.  A student without football experience, but simply with the desire to earn money to support furthering his education, advances for the chance to win the $500 scholarship, or minimally $150.  Only 3 others stand in his way.

4 spots remain. All HS students are potential candidates.  We've seen Solon, Benton, Washington, and Springville compete so far.  Who will be next, competing March 30th?  Click below to register today for the chance at the Scholarship thanks to Collins Community Credit Union.