Every year, over the Christmas break, my family piles in the car, loaded with cookies, hot cocoa, and sometimes popcorn, as we hit the road to find the best Christmas lights in the area.  It's our own holiday light tour if you will.  For this year, it happened last night.  Unfortunately, we started late, and stayed out so long that some of the lights were already shut off, but we still saw some amazing lights.

  • 513 Zelda Dr. NW - Cedar Rapids

    You haven't seen Christmas, until you've seen Santa in his hot air balloon.  We always forget about this house, then gladly stumble back across it year after year.

  • Topaz Ave. NW, just off Shetland Dr. NW - Cedar Rapids

    This home loves the holidays.  If I'm not mistaken, this favorite Halloween stop also has quite the Christmas light display, with plenty to gaze on.

  • 476 Jacolyn Dr. NW - Cedar Rapids

    This house is so bright with LEDs, it attracts your attention as you head down E Ave.  We just don't know if that's a cat or monkey hanging from the tree.  Cute though!

  • 5303 E Ave. NW - Cedar Rapids

    (not 100% sure on the address, but close)

    A new entry this year, we were driving past and noticed the lights were flashing, so we stopped, rolled down the windows, and took a listen.  Yes, it's a synchronized show, and another fun stop on the holiday light tour.

  • 5401 Gordon Ave - Cedar Rapids

    Of all the light shows, this was my wife's favorite, primarily for the singing trees.  A very fun, synchronized show that can't be missed.

  • 5541 Sharon Ln NW - Cedar Rapids

    This is a house that does amazing things for so many different holidays, and their Christmas display blows us away year after year.  We also discovered there's more to see if the back if you drive around the block. Located just across from Gloria Dei church. I wonder how they got the lights in that tree.

  • 6505 Pheasant Hollow, Cedar Rapids

    On our way out to see some light displays in Fairfax, we passed right by this one, and had to turn off and take a look.  We're glad we did.  The display upfront is spectacular, as is the back yard.

  • 7101 Selzer Road - Fairfax

    This house blew us away.  There was so much to see, like Rudolph and his Rocking Band, or the reindeer hoping over the driveway.  The kids even claim they saw a Santa playing basketball.  I eagerly look forward to heading back to this house, maybe even this year.  There's a lot to see.

  • Commercial Ct at Hillview Dr - Fairfax

    WOW!  Do not miss this display.  Numerous house got together on this one, leaving you circling the block a couple times. Catch scenes from Whoville (The Grinch), a Peanuts Christmas, and Frozen. Plus a HUGE reindeer. Tune into 2 different music broadcasts, and even sing "Let It Go" along with Elsa. Seriously, there's a microphone right there for you.  On the way there, be sure to look for a house with the Grinch stealing their lights.

  • 2080 26th St. - Marion

    Here's another display that kind of blew us away.  Easily the best part is the GIANT toy soldiers.  Nicely done!