There were so many great songs in 2014, and 2015 should be another stellar year.  But here's the dilemma, what do you include on your NYE party playlist?  This list might help get you started!

When you're hosting the big party, it's the perfect chance to show off your favorite songs, while turning your friends on to some of your undiscovered favorites.  Having DJ'd for weddings/dances etc, I can tell you that's also one of the biggest ways to kill a party's vibe.  You might also think having the best mixes from the dance charts might be a great idea too.  However, that can also be a buzzkill, because at heart, most people just want to be able to sing along.  But you're right; there's got to be a pulse.

We give you this list.  It's not a be all, end all, sure thing by any means, but it should get you started.  It's a flashback to some of the biggest hit songs from the year (with a great beat), with a couple remixes, and a couple near "sure thing" previews of what might be scoring huge as we kick off 2015.