We top off "Ride Your Bike To Work Week" in the New Bo District on Saturday, May 17. It's a KRNA live broadcast at The Bike Swap And Ride.

If you are looking for a bike upgrade, this is the place for you. Sell, haggle, swap. Then, we hit the trail and bike to Ely and back.

This calls for my 1982 Fuji. I only bring out this relic for big events....and this one's gonna be massive. Bought the "Fooj" from a guy who did coast-to-coast "self-contained" pannier rides. Needless to say, the majority of the miles logged were from the previous owner. Glider. Smooth as silk. Especially on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.

Here's the official site. We'll see you on 5/17 for the Bike Swap at New Bo!

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