Here we go again. The National Weather Service has issued a Blizzard Warning for the northwestern part of the area thru 3 o'clock tomorrow morning. There's also a Winter Weather Advisory for the I-380 corridor and beyond thru early Friday morning. Snow isn't the problem tonight.

Less than an inch of snow is expected in the area under the Blizzard Warning (in red on the map), but winds will blow very, very strongly. Gusts of over 50 mph are expected thru at least the early evening. Throw some snow in with that and you have Blizzard conditions that will make travel nearly impossible. Those winds are expected to arrive in the Blizzard Warning area between 5 and 6 this evening.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and all the purple-shaded counties go under a Winter Weather Advisory from 4 pm thru 2 am. Snow accumulations should be very minor, but we'll be dealing with wind gusts of at least 40 mph early this evening.