5K runs are ubiquitous - but maybe you've never considered how that distance breaks down.

Fortunately, I brought my calculator to work today.

A 5K translates this way....

  • 3.1 Miles
  • 196,416 inches
  • 16,368 feet
  • 5456 yards
  • 4,988,966 millimeters
  • 498,896 centimeter
  • 4988 meters

When I strap on the sneakers on 8.16.14 at our Rave Run, I'm going to be thinking about the distance in millimeters.

This is going to be a really cool event. I can't get enough of the McGrath Amphitheater. Last night at Summerland, I looked around and just thought about how awesome it is to have this sort of facility in Cedar Rapids. The Cedar River as a backdrop to that stage is perfect.

Here's the FAQ on our 4988 Meter Rave Run. See you next Saturday.