Whenever I see one of those, "can you solve this question?" articles on Facebook, I'm always intrigued to see if I can. I usually end up disappointed. This is one of those times.

Ask Men shared a picture from a TV host's Facebook page of a math/logic question for 14/15-year-olds in Singapore, which scores at the top of math rankings worldwide. If you can't solve it, no worries, because they are pretty dang smart over there. I DEFINITELY didn't do well. Here's a printed version of the question:

"Albert and Bernard just become friends with Cheryl, and they want to know when her birthday is. Cheryl gives them a list of 10 possible dates.

May 15          May 16          May 19
June 17         June 18   
July 14          July 16
August 14    August 15     August 17

Cheryl then tells Albert and Bernard separately the month and the day of her birthday respectively.

Albert: I don't know when Cheryl's birthday is, but I know that Bernard does not know too.
Bernard: At first I don't know when Cheryl's birthday is, but I know now.
Albert:  Then I also know when Cheryl's birthday is.

When is Cheryl's birthday?"

If you want to know the answer, click HERE, and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Were you able to solve the question correctly? Be honest! Let us know below.