The Ice Bucket Challenge continues to dominate social media, and has done amazing things so far.  Just this morning, they announced they've gathered over $31.5 million in donations, after raising 8.6 million yesterday alone! (And you thought it was pretty much over and done).  We knew it was only time before we were challenged at the station, and that day came yesterday, TWICE! LATE last night, I found out Charlotte at Macaroni Kid nominated me to accept the challenge.  So while deciding whether to accept or not, I decided to check social media to see which on my potential nominees had already done the challenge.  And then I discovered our station manager, Josh Loeffler, had ALSO nominated me yesterday.

Post by Josh Loeffler

I have yet to decide if I'll accept or not yet.  But I will announce my decision LIVE on-air later today, and will bring Charlotte and Cedar Rapids Titans General Manager Chris Kokalis into studio to talk this out, as he was nominated with me. Make sure you tune in between 3:30 and 4:20 to find out if and what will happen. And more importantly, if I do accept, who will I challenge to do it next?

Regardless, don't forget to donate to the cause if you can.