The City of Cedar Rapids has more than 30 streets on its list of roadways to be repaired in 2015. Take a look and see if your street, or any of the ones you travel every day are on the list.

"Paving for Progress" will continue to make improvements in all four quadrants of Cedar Rapids this year. Here's the list of streets that are projected to be worked on in 2015. Note: Asterisks indicates work has already begun, or will soon:

  1. 4th Avenue SE from 5th St to 19th St  *
  2. 7th St SE from 8th Ave to 7th Ave
  3. 7th St SE from 6th Ave to 5th Ave
  4. 7th St SE from 3rd Ave to 1st Ave
  5. 8th St SE from 8th Ave to 3rd Ave
  6. 8th Avenue SW from 10th St to 7th St  *
  7. 11th Avenue SE from 3rd St to 4th St  *
  8. 19th St SE from 8th Ave to Glenway Dr.  *
  9. 20th St NW from Burch Ave to Johnson Ave  *
  10. 26th St SE from McCarthy Road to Parkwood Dr.  *
  11. 30th St SE from Seely Ave to Crestview Dr.
  12. 35th St SE from Mt. Vernon Rd Dalewood Ave
  13. 36th St SE from Mt. Vernon Rd to White Oak Rd
  14. Auburn Dr. SW from 12th Ave to 1st Ave  *
  15. B Avenue NW from 8th St to Highland Dr.
  16. Cherry Hill Rd SW from Johnson Ave to 1st Ave
  17. Coe Road from Center Point Road to A Avenue  *
  18. Crestridge Ave SW from Broadmore to 1st Ave
  19. Dalewood Ave SE from 34th St to 35th St
  20. Diagonal Drive from I-380 to the west 8th Avenue Bridge approach  *
  21. Dairydale Ct SE from 32nd St to Knoll St
  22. Edgewood Rd NW from Johnson Ave to E Ave
  23. Garden Drive SE from Washington Avenue to Grande Avenue
  24. Glass Road NE from Wenig Rd to Edgewood R
  25. Kenrich Dr. SW from Cul-de-sac off of Wilson Ave to Cul-de-sac off of Wilson Ave
  26. Mansfield Ave SE from 30th St to 31st St
  27. Meadowlark Ln NW from 1st Ave to Skyline Dr.
  28. Midway Drive NW from Peace Ave to Alma Dr.
  29. Ravenwood Terr NW from Edgewood Rd to 29th St
  30. West Post Road water main work in advance of road reconstruction in 2016
  31. West Post Rd SW from Ruhd St to Decatur St
  32. Wilson Ave SW from West Post Rd to Troy St
  33. Zelda Dr. NW from Midway Drive to 400 Zelda Dr.

Watch for all the cones and construction workers throughout the spring, summer, and fall. We'll all have to be patient and keep in mind it's all worth it in the end.

"Paving for Progress" is funded by a one-cent sales tax that went into effect July 1, 2014 and will continue for 10 years.