You might recall the rash of bank robberies in Cedar Rapids this year. Over the span of just 10 weeks, there were 8 bank robberies around the city, leaving many banks nervous, and citizens uneasy. We've kept you updated along the way, and are happy to hear that this unsettling situation has been resolved.It started back at the end of April - early May when 3 banks were robbed in the course of a week. While the suspect of the third robbery was apprehended almost instantly, the suspects of the other 2 remained at large.

There were two more robberies, both at the same bank, on May 16 and 29.

On June 25, the sixth robbery occurred, with a very visible handgun, and that same bank was hit again 12 days later.

On June 26, there was another robbery, but those culprits were caught. Then another big break on July 14 as two brothers were apprehended in connection to the first robbery on April 29, as well as the June 25 and July 7 robberies.

At that time, there was no information on the other 3 robberies. However, yesterday, that concern was put to rest, as 29-year-old Javon Dockery of Cedar Rapids, 1 of the 2 suspects apprehended after the June 26 robbery, plead guilty to that robbery and the remaining 3 unsolved robberies.

We applaud the local authorities and court system on resolving this concerning situation. Not to forget, we also applaud those who called into Crimestoppers and helped provide information that lead to the arrest of these subjects.