The city is forecast to see a Cedar River crest of 24.1 feet and the city has sprung into action with flood prevention efforts.

Currently, the crest of the Cedar River is forecast for late Monday evening, September 26 into the early morning hours of the following day. The river is expected to pass flood stage (12 feet) during the early morning hours Sunday. When the rise begins, it will happen quickly. The river is expected to rise four feet within 12 hours of reaching flood stage and eventually hit 24.1 feet.

via NOAA

We again remind everyone this is a projection and can and will change. However, as city staff reminded the public at an afternoon press conference today, this should be taken seriously. You SHOULD NOT wait to protect your business or personal property from the flood threat.

Currently, Cedar Rapids city crews are deploying pumps, sewer plugs, and identifying strategic sandbagging areas around the community. Plugs prevent water from inundating the sewer system, and have already been deployed and will continue to be deployed. If current predictions of 24.1 feet hold true, it is anticipated that street flooding will occur in Time Check, the downtown core, NewBo District, and Czech Village.

Road closures are being planned as a preemptive measure on Saturday to deploy traffic control in advance of rising water in these areas. We will continue to update you with those closures. Also, traffic signals will need to be turned off as necessary during these closures. Bridges will be monitored and also closed as necessary. We remind you to NEVER drive into an area where the road is closed, barricaded, or there's water over the roadway. As the water will be floodwaters, we remind you it is not safe to walk in the water either.The public is advised to heed all road closure signs and barricades. Residents are reminded to not drive or walk through standing water.

If you do not have sanitary sewer backflow prevention in place at a low-lying home or business, you should put a heavy object on top of your floor drain. That could be a sandbag, metal plate, or another heavy object.

Sandbagging efforts have already begun in NewBo:

It is likely that more requests for volunteers for sandbagging will be forthcoming. When those needs arise, we will make sure you are aware of them. You'll also be able to find that information on the city's website.

[via City of Cedar Rapids]