Today is the day the Cedar River is expected to crest.  With a dry day forecasted, on top of little additional rain yesterday, residents are breathing a bit easier.  A drive into downtown though, shows waters have risen overnight, as anticipated, and more closings have continued to come in, including more than just the roads.  When will the river crest and how high? When will it start dropping back down?  

As of now, the river is expected to crest at a final height of 17.6ft, which will occur at about 7pm tonight.  It's expected to hold that height till roughly 1am, before starting to fall.  

In terms of closures, it's important to note, many of these roads are not/were not closed due to water on the roads, but because the roads are not safe for travel with the flood prevention equipment on them.

The latest road closures include:

  • Ellis BLVD NW is closed at Ellis LN NW
  • Ellis RD NW between Edgewood RD and F Ave NW (also called Covington RD)
  • Old River Road SW is closed between Ely RD to Sunshine ST SW

Please Note: C ST SW is closed for work on the railroad tracks, and is NOT related to river level closures.

Also, Ellis Pool is closed today as the roads around it are closed. It will be reopened once the river levels recede.

The Ellis Road Community Garden is expected to be flooded.

Measurement along the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids at 10:30am on June 24, 2014. (Carson / i107-1)

Previously announced closures include:
- Ellis RD NW closed between 16th and 18th ST
- Otis RD SE by the river
- Fish CT SW off Old River RD SW
- Manhattan Park along Ellis RD NW
- A ST SW from 17th to 22nd Ave
- B ST SW from 17th to 21st Ave
- 18th Ave SW from A to C ST
- 19th Ave SW from A to C ST
- 20th Ave SW from A to C ST
- 21st Ave SW from A to C ST
- 22nd Ave SW from A to C ST
- 14th Ave SE from 3rd to 4th ST / One Lane closure at 2nd ST
- 4th ST SE from 12th to 14th Ave

Trail closures:
- Sac and Fox
- Prairie Park Fishery
- Sections of Cedar Trail
- The Cedar Valley Nature Trail under the 8th Ave. SE bridge
- Bike trail along A Street SW between 15th Avenue SW and the landfill
- the bridge on Boyson Trail near Donnelly Park (290 W. 8th Avenue) in Marion

Also, the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency’s yard waste, compost and recycling facility is open, but cannot be accessed from A Street SW. Customers can use the back entrance off C Street SW, which is a gravel road.