"I'm not from around here" is a phrase that I'm used to saying. I've moved around the U.S. a lot in the radio industry, and I've always been intrigued by the diversity.

While most of Americans still tend to live within 25-50 miles of their birthplace, that wasn't always the case. It's likely that your grandparents or great-grandparents were immigrants to America just a generation (or even a few decades) ago.

We take a lot of pride in our heritage whether we are Italian, French, Japanese..whatever! And it's the diversity of each culture that makes things interesting. Food, customs, food, traditions, food...you get the picture!

Here's a test of how well you know Cedar Rapids. See if you can identify some of the largest ethic groups that make up our population, and bring such rich cultural traditions to our region.  Simply match by number and letter the correct percentage of population with it's ethnic group listed below.






a) 7.4%

b) 13.9%

c) 5.7

d) 31.1%

e) 3.9%


5 correct: Bravo! You are Pure Cedar Rapids. Pour yourself a stein of something strong!

4 correct: Pretty darn good there! Have a kolache!

3 correct: Not bad for someone wearing a "Kiss Me I'm Canadian" shirt.

2 correct: Ugh, time to hit the Czech Village and soak in some culture.

1 correct: Double ugh ugh. No lutefisk for you. Look it up.


[source: City-Data.com]



˙(%6˙3) uɐıbǝʍɹou '(%7˙5) ɥɔǝzɔ '(%4˙7) ɥsıןbuǝ '(%6˙31) ɥsıɹı '(%1˙13) uɐɯɹǝb

ɐ-5 'ǝ-4 'q-3 'ɔ-2 'p-1