Sometimes you receive an email that leaves you scratching your head. I got one of those Friday.

Park Cedar Rapids sent notice that five different downtown parking ramps will be getting speed bumps in the coming weeks. Yes, speed bumps. Huh?

During the week, our parkade, the GTC, is nearly full everywhere except for the rooftop. Like most parking ramps, when nearly full, there's not a ton of open space. It's certainly not a place where anyone should be comfortable racing up the levels. Honestly, I don't recall the last time I saw somebody speeding through causing me to fear for my safety. Combine that with the tight turns in a parking ramp, and speed bumps seem unnecessary to me.

Park Cedar Rapids has obviously received complaints/concerns about people driving too fast. They wouldn't be doing this otherwise. The change won't come free for them. Since they took over management of our parkade, there have been tons of improvements. Kudos for all of those. However, this is one change I'm not looking forward to.

Speed bumps will be added to these parking ramps: GTC, 4th Avenue, 3rd Avenue, Convention Center, and Southside. The only holdout is the Five Seasons Ramp, which is currently under renovation. One thing is for sure, you'll notice this change on day one.