What are all the things a police officer does every day? The Cedar Rapids Police Department gives you a peek inside with a ride along, target practice, and so much more during the Citizens Police Academy. The training program is in-depth... 30 hours in total. It's broken up into 10 three-hour training sessions on Wednesday evenings, beginning March 25th. Space is limited though, so don't delay.

To be clear, you won't be trained to be a police officer. The whole idea behind the classes are to increase understanding between the police and us, the citizens. However, this is much more than a normal class. Topics include the use of force, defensive tactics, narcotics enforcement, special operations, and criminal investigations. A K-9 unit will do a demonstration, as will the Special Response Team. You'll also take part in target practice with some of the Cedar Rapids Police Department's specialized weapons and ride along with an officer.

A truly unique opportunity awaits. You must be at least 18 to take part and advance registration is required. There's a limited number of spots available at a cost of just $30, or one dollar per hour of classes. A great deal and wonderful way to learn about those who protect and serve us every day. Get started by downloading an application here.