School expenses can add up quick, and Cedar Rapids police reached out to help more than 95 children shop for supplies this past Thursday. Elementary age students shopped along side officers through Blairs Ferry Target to grab supplies and prepare for the new school year. Many officers are parents themselves and state how important it is for them to give back to the community and interact with youth.

“All of us at the police department believe in giving back to the community and that's what the program's all about. It's helping some of these kids prepare for school and getting ready for school,” says Sgt. Matt Welsh.

Through research CBS2/FOX28 found Kindergarteners spend as much as $70 on supplies, and the average 3rd grader around $50. Donations were made by officers themselves as well as community members.The children were appreciative to spend time with officers while parents were thankful for the donations to their children's education. Check out a video of the event from CBS2/FOX28 below: