Last night, around dinner time, the phone rings. It's a message from the Cedar Rapids School District Food and Nutrition Department regarding our lunch account balance. Good thing I received it, because my wife would've flipped out. It stated we were in the negative... way negative.  I questioned it, then got ready to research when the next call came in for my daughter, stating her balance was even worse. That couldn't be right. On the rare occasion our balance got low this year, we received a call long before it hit negative.

Next thing you know a text comes in from a friend asking if we got a call like she did. Now I knew something was up, especially when another friend who does not use the program got a call about a negative balance.

So what was the deal? I knew it was an error, but could it be worse? Did someone hack the school and somehow take out a bunch of money and then some? Was that even possible?  The answer finally showed up on facebook hours later.

And now you know.  An error, phew.  Hopefully, it didn't panic you too much.  I'm sure the schools had their hands full this morning, though.