Flooded Street Intersections – Zika Ave NW and Edgewood Rd NW west of Edgewood Rd NW Closed


CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – April 13, 2014,  The City of Cedar Rapids has received over 3 inches of rain over the last 24 hours with periods of significant rainfall which has exceeded the capacity of the storm sewer system in localized areas.  Staff are checking reported locations for blockages currently.  The levels will decrease as the precipitation rates decrease.

Current streets that are flooded or have significant water on them include:

-         Zika Ave NW between 16th and 18th ST NW – closed

-         Ellis Rd NW west of Edgewood Rd NW – closed to local traffic only, water is partially covering the road and there was a mud slide that is being cleaned up

-         11th St at J Ave NW – intersection flooding that is decreasing

If you do not know the depth of a flooded street, seek an alternate route.  When flooded, turn around don’t drown.