There's nothing quite like an amazing burger. We are extremely lucky that in Iowa, we know our burgers, and we have options. Make that lots of options. So when I was put to task finding the top 5 in Cedar Rapids, this was no easy feat. But it was a mission I had to embark on not only for the sake of my tastebuds and man card but because I wanted to put together a great nomination card for the 2016 Best Burger In Iowa list.

Each year, the Iowa Beef Industry Council and the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association search across the state looking for the best burger. They don't care the style of burger, just as long as it's 100% beef and served on a bun or "bread product". Fair enough. And they start the search by taking your nominations, which I did, and you can do here. You can also text BEEF to 313131. And, if you're one of those who takes pictures of your food for social media reasons (which I've never understood), you can tag it with #IABestBurger. Just make sure you get the nominations in quickly, as in the deadline is March 9th.

Since Saucy Foccacia made the list last year, I'm dropping them off my top 5. So here's what I nominate for the best specifically in CR:



  • 5

    Emil's Hideaway

    222 Glenbrook Drive SE

    Love the place anyway, but the burger was an unexpected treat. Try it. Your tastebuds will thank you.

  • 4

    Red's Public House

    112 2nd St Se

    Not exactly sure why I love the burger so much. Maybe it's that it's your typical "pub and grub", so I'm always there in the "right situation". Maybe it's because it was one of my first stops when I came to town, and you never forget your first love. Regardless, in my humble opinion, I love the juicy burger, and will keep going back.

  • 3

    Parlor City

    1125 3rd St SE

    Burger with the cheese on the inside... are you kidding me? Have you tried the Juicy Lucy yet? And then all the variations. Yummm.

  • 2

    Starlite Room

    3300 1st Ave NE

    What puts the Starlite in the top 5 on almost every list year after year? Simplicity. It's all about the basics. All about the burger itself. The delicious, "greasy-spoon" burger, without all the embellishments. Well, except for the cheese, as in the "Super Cheeseburger". Of course, you can't beat the price either.

  • 1


    2020 16th Ave SW

    The former Burgerfry is now Burgerfeen, and the popularity continues to grow. (In fact there's the second location at 3980 Center Point Road NE). The biggest complaint here is the price for the bigger, but as some have said, you get what you pay for. You pay a bit more for quality, as is the case here. I can't say it's necessarily the best burger I've ever tasted, but it's pretty close. Unlike the others on this list, Bugerfeen is only about the burger, fries, and milkshakes, and they seem to have taken the time to perfect that trifecta, making it totally worth it.