Kelsey Cummings of Cedar Rapids was severely injured in a car accident on Zika Avenue Northwest late in the evening of March 4th. Her car slid on ice hitting a gate, and a two-inch wide hollow galvanized pole went through her car, and her body. She shares details of the harrowing ordeal as her recovery continues. If you're having trouble viewing the video above, see it here.

Cummings, 27, amazingly didn't feel any pain when she was impaled by the pole and didn't realize it had gone through her body until seeing it in the back seat. The pole tore out Kelsey's right hip joint, broke her pelvis, and caused nerve damage which resulted in right-leg paralysis. She continues her recovery with three hours of physical therapy each day.

I marvel at how Kelsey was able to remain so calm throughout such a terrifying situation. She's one tough woman. I, and all of Eastern Iowa, wish her the very best as her recovery continues.

[via Des Moines Register]