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As Turkish military officers attempted to take control of the country in a failed coup attempt last Friday, Jo Miller, a Cedar Rapids woman traveling in Turkey was walking near Taksim Square in Istanbul, unaware of what was about to take place.

During the next  several hours violence shook Turkey’s two main cities. At least 232 people were killed, according to Turkish officials, including 208 civilians.

Jo Miller told the Gazette that she heard the sounds of chanting and protests from her hotel room as well as gunfire and helicopters flying overhead. Social media had been cut off and wasn't restored until mid-morning Saturday.

Miller, who writes a monthly column for the Gazette, checked in with the U.S. embassy and was told to stay inside to help insure her safety. But by Monday, she reported things appeared to already be returning to normal in the foreign land after the coup attempt had failed.

Despite the unrest, Miller says she felt secure in her hotel and added that the experience would not prevent her from continuing to travel abroad.


[source: The Gazette]