She's one of the hottest acts on the pop scene right now.  A former Nickelodeon star who's triumphed over so many other Disney and Nickelodeon co-stars to surge beyond just a household name.  But can she hold her own on her first headlining tour?Ariana was in Chicago Tuesday night and the reviews are flying in.  For the most part, they are very positive.  It seems like she's a student of what has worked for Taylor Swift, as according to the Chicago Tribune, each song was performed almost like a skit.  Personally, this is what I love about Taylor's live shows.  When the songs are "performed" as opposed to just sung, it helps create a show, as opposed to just a concert, and makes the usually inflated ticket prices more worth it.

As expected, the show was also packed with costume changes, lazers, plenty of back-up dancers, a dj, string playing musicians, props, pyro, string and even confetti canons.  She even has a 5 tiered stage.  For her first tour, she's definitely not holding back, and the more I'm learning about her shows, the more I want to see it, even though I'm personally not her biggest fan.

Ethan Miller - Getty Images

In perfect Ariana style, she was fun and flirtatious, but surprisingly not risque, playing it pretty safe for the mostly younger female audience.  True "girl-next-door" innocence, drifting far enough away, but not too far from the "Cat" alter ego that brought her to fame.

As for the set list, she kicked off the show with Jesse J's Bang Bang, but then made fans wait for the big singles.  She got to her debut, "The Way" finally almost halfway through the show, followed 2 songs later by her new single, "One Last Time". Her other big singles, "Love Me Harder", "Break Free", and "Problem" were reserved for the end of the show, being 3 of the final 5 songs.  She also only did one cover, also in those last 5, being Major Lazer's "All My Love",  We would have preferred to see a better spread of the big singles, and possibly more covers.

The other critique we're hearing is that her costume changes became almost too much of a disappearing act, becoming quite the buzz kill, filled by videos and a guy on mic to keep the crowd pumped up.  However, that's forgivable, as it's still her first tour.  She'll learn, as we're confident her career is just getting started.

Now that you're hyped to see her, make sure you get registered for that once in a lifetime trip to check her out in Miami at the end of the month, all expenses paid, plus $500.  Contest ends at 11p Sunday night, so don't miss out!

We're you at the show?  What'd you think?