If you've ever taken the bus in Cedar Rapids, you know sometimes it can be a real pain.  Hopefully a new upgrade will change that.The biggest complaint when it comes to the bus system is waiting for what seems like forever on the bus to show up.  It doesn't matter if you're in Cedar Rapids or any other town.  The city understands your frustrations, and in this age of technology, it's working on the solution. Coming early this fall, if not later this summer, the city will be launching an app for citizens to track the buses. Soon, you won't have to stand there and wonder how much longer till the bus finally arrives.  Think how great that will be in the winter, or next time it's pouring down rain.

Some changes have already started.  For example, if you haven't checked the signs yet, do it next time your at the bus stop.  You might just find a number you can text to get a better estimate on when the bus might be arriving.  That text is tied into the app currently being tested.

By the way... some other good news: very soon, ALL buses will also have WiFi access too.  Let's all give a big thank you to the city for thinking about our convenience.

[VIA - Cedar Rapids Gazette]