The Chicago Cubs took became one step closer to the championship on Tuesday night! They beat the Giants 6-5 to win their NL Division Series.The Cubs will open the NL Championship Series at Wrigley Field on Saturday. They will face either Los Angeles or Washington.

Cubs fans were celebrating all over the country after the victory over the Giants. It's fun to celebrate a big win by your favorite sports team. I like to have a shot of Fireball when my team wins. But everyone is different...I found that out today.

CBS2/FOX28 reports that after the Cubs win Tuesday night, a Cubs fan got caught stealing seven of their hats. Not one, but seven....This guy was really excited.

CBS2/FOX28 also reports that police documents say 50-year-old Kelvin Davis admitted to hiding seven Cubs hats in a shopping bag at Kohl's in Coralville Monday night.

Why would he steal seven hats? Does he have seven children? Is seven his lucky number? Was he going to sell them? Why is a 50-year-old shoplifting? I have so many questions for Mr. Davis.

If the Cubs win the World Series maybe the story will be worth it for this guy. Perhaps he just wanted his fifteen minutes of fame. But crime doesn't pay, fella. Remember that kids.

What's the dumbest thing you've ever stolen from a retail outlet? I'm guessing it was when you were very least for most of you. Be honest, I won't call the cops.

We can discuss your answers on The KRNA Morning Show....Have a great day and GO CUBS!