It took a week and a day, but I finally finished the third season of Orange is the New Black on Saturday! And don't worry, this blog is spoiler free!

I will start by saying that I'm very disappointed by all the negative feedback this season has been getting. I saw quite a few people on Facebook saying they HATED this season, and I didn't hate it at ALL! I felt a deeper connection with a lot of the characters, and, as always, I love that each episode focused on the back story of one or more of the prisoners/guards. The characters they chose for that were ones that I did not expect, which made this season insanely interesting for me.

What I really love about the writers of OITNB is their ability to make you love a character you once hated, and vice-versa. I can't even express how confused I am right now by the sympathy I feel for characters I wished death upon in earlier seasons. There's also one character in particular that I can't STAND now, that I actually used to like! It's crazy how much one season can re-shape your opinions entirely.

If you're not finished with the season yet, I won't give anything specific away, but they leave off with some pretty huge cliff-hangers. Three really big ones, if you're looking for a number. I will say that the final scene of the last episode had me bawling like a baby (and that wasn't the first time I cried this season).

I'm wondering if anyone else out there loved this season as much as I did, or if everyone disliked it like the people I saw on Facebook. If you're watching, let me know your thoughts in the comments!