Last night I had the pleasure of attending Balloon Glow at Brucemore Mansion for the first time ever, and I absolutely LOVED it!

Everyone in Linn County seems to be familiar with the Freedom Fest Balloon Glow, but not being from the area, I had NO idea what to expect. Although I did have to park pretty far away, once I made it to Brucemore I could see why everybody loves the event so much!

First of all, Brucemore is AMAZING. The grounds are incredible, and we took a quick $1 tour of the first floor and it was so beautiful. I can't even IMAGINE ever living in a home like that. Plus, the history of it is really cool! A lion AND a monkey are both buried on the property, and I bet it's totally haunted!

The actual Balloon Glow event was also really awesome. There was so much food we couldn't decide what to eat, so we ate twice. 8 Seconds put on a great performance and we were sitting right by the stage, so we really enjoyed watching all the little kids dance. When they finally lit up the balloons at the end of the night, I was really impressed. Standing underneath them was a really cool experience. I took some pictures that turned out pretty good. Check them out: