This past weekend I went back home to Michigan to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family, and I continued my new tradition of going to The Detroit Zoo.

The past few years it has been really nice on the day of my birthday, and I always take the day off work, so I've decided to go to the zoo. I absolutely LOVE zoos, especially the Detroit Zoo. They take really good care of their animals and the exhibits are all really nice. They have been adding a lot of exhibits over the past few years. In fact, they are working on a new penguin exhibit right now!

As you can imagine, the nice weather on Sunday made for a pretty crazy day. Luckily, we got there pretty early so it wasn't TOO bad. We got to see all the animals we wanted to see, and some of them were doing some pretty weird things. I won't go into details, but the chimps were getting a little out of control. The daddy giraffe was right up by the fence so we got a really good look at him, and we even got to see an anteater tongue, which was super gross! Overall, it was a very fun day, even though I did get some sunburn.

Here are some pictures from my recent trips to the Detroit Zoo!