Miller Park will be featuring a new concession stand snack this summer, and it involves my two favorite things: nachos and fried food.

Ballparks all over the US have been coming up with unique foods to serve during baseball games, and the home of the Milwaukee Brewers has a new one that sounds ABSOLUTELY AMAZING - Inside the Park Nachos.

What it is is a stick of beef and refried beans that's rolled in Doritos and fried, and then topped with cheese and sour cream. It's all the joy of nachos, but without the mess! I'm not a huge baseball fan, and I'm DEFINITELY not a Brewers fan (Tigers forever!), but that sounds so good that it might be worth the drive! Deep-fried nachos sound like a DREAM COME TRUE.

See the picture HERE.

(It doesn't LOOK that good, but never judge a book by it's cover :)!)